Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Muke Aku Macam Mak Budak Ke?

Semalam...balik keje lbh kurang kul6. Singgah la pasa malam sbb aku ngidam "Nasik Lemak Panas". Sorang2 jalan..sedey~ Iera ni makin rajin makan eh makin rajin masak. Otw balik, t'nmpk pakcik jual Vitagen. Die cakap 1 pack RM3.80. 3 pack RM10. Aku pn kata dlm hati (murah giler). Lg pun bakteria baik elok utk perut :P So aku pn bli la 3 pack. Sambey2 pakcik tu boh lam pelestik n aku amik duit, die cakap..

"ni mesti anak2 suke ni"

Erk???? Pakcik!!!! Muke saye macam mak budak ke?? T_T~ Uwaaa!!! So kt cni aku post la gmba latest aku..korang nilai la sniri betul ke mcm mak budak :'(

P/S: not my engagement nor my wedding

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Blocked Blog

Tsk..Tsk..dunno wut to do wif my office network. Like biscuits. But not “skejap ada, skejap x ade” but more to “skejap baik, skejap ado!!”. Most of the time, I cant upload my pics into my facebook. Friendster jgn ckp lah…banned terus! Same goes to the blog. Sorry dear friends..cant comment your post. Blh shoutout jek~ kdg2 prohobited. Adoii~

Let’s me story about the wedding again..eh nope! Weddings ok with the "s". My brother’s and friends’ weddings. And here we go...the stories are...
16/11/2008 - Fatehah & Yusmail

Tehah is my ex-classmate. Form 1, Form 4, and Form 5. She sat behind me in class (ms Form 5 lah). Before her wed, she kept on ym-ing me to remind and ask me to go to the wed.heheee…so I took 1 day off (scarified my AL) on 17th and went to Perlis on 16th. That’s the longest way I’ve been drove to hahhaha!!!

25/12/2008 – Siti Aishah & Aiman Afandi

Belaghok (bertandang) to the bride’s house. I arrived at my home sweet home @5a.m. x tolong for the wed langsung. I just took 1 day off on the next day. After sembang2 with my relatives (really like be in Kelantan), I continue my sleep (sakit badan2 naik bas ni huh). Have to drive to Penang for the belaghok event. All cars were used. Blue black XX drove by the groom, Black YY by my dad’s friend (xckup dreba huhu), my dad drove our lovely van hehehe, my 2nd bro with the ViVA and me with the MyVi (not included others sedara-mara punya kreta lagi). I wore for the 1st time kurung batik from pasar payang ;) to jaga my company standard. POYOSSS!!!!

27/12/2008 – Aiman Afandi & Siti Aishah

Arghh!!! Don’t want to remember the day anymore~~~ really exhausted (not much experience – the first kenduri in our family). I wore for the 1st time (again hehe), baju batik Malaysia kaler biru coz our theme is biru \O/. Lesson learnt – try to make your wedding as perfect as you can. Habis duit xpe…it’s once in your lifetime.

P/S = went back to KL on 29th. Have to cancel my cuti for the remaining days in that week just because “saya pekerja contoh” =P kerja byk…was back again on 2/1/2009 to attend my friend’s wedding (kwn skolah rndh yg x jmpe 12 thn dh..)

3/1/2009 – Hami Mahayoo & Faridz

Huuuhuuuhuuu…12 thn x jmpe beb! Suara, gaya, muka masih sama. The same comment goes to me :P Sesat lil bit ms dtg but we (me n lengkong) managed to find the correct way. Lengkong co-pilot yg masih amatur – hampeh.

More pictures will be uploaded into my Faceebook - soon. Add me yoorin@gmail.com